Triathlon Club Challenge

In 2012 the Spring Classic Sprint Triathlon introduced a club challenge between members of the Steel Valley Triathlon Club and the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club. The challenge is scored the same as a cross country meet as the team with the combined lowest score wins. Although the PTC has won the "Challenge Cup" the last three years, each competition has been closely scored and exciting to watch. We look forward to another year of friendly rivalry between the two triathlon clubs.


Scores are determined by summing the top five Men and the top five Women finishing places on each team. Points are awarded to the individual runners of eligible teams, equal to the position in which they cross the finish line (first place gets 1 point, second place gets 2 points, etc.). The points for these runners are summed, and the low score wins. Individual athletes, and athletes from incomplete** teams are excluded from scoring. Ties are usually broken by the position of each team's sixth runner.

The lowest possible score in a five-to-score match is 30 [(1+2+3+4+5) + (1+2+3+4+5)], achieved by a team's runners finishing in each of the top five positions. If there is a single opposing team then they would have a score of 80 [(6+7+8+9+10) + (6+7+8+9+10)], which can be considered a "sweep" for the winning team. In the above match, if there are two non-scoring runners and they came 6th and 7th overall, the opponent's score would be 50 (8+9+10+11+12). Accordingly, the official score of a forfeited dual meet is 15-50.

**Incomplete teams have fewer than 5 Men and 5 Women racing.


2016 Winner: Steel Valley Triathlon Club

2014 Winner: Pittsburgh Triathlon Club

2013 Winner: Pittsburgh Triathlon Club

2012 Winner: Pittsburgh Triathlon Club